Learn the four unconventional strategies to build an influential consumer brand.
In the age of cluttered, noise and ever shorter attention spans, your influence must be earned!
Many Founders of emerging growth companies are discovering marketing no longer guarantees an influential brand.
This presentation is for successful Founders of a 7-8 figure business who are stuck on a growth plateau.
Key strategic insights you'll learn from this presentation.
How you can scale your influence with higher value customers in a post marketing world.
How  startup brands created remarkable success  applying these  strategic principles.
A new ideology, mindset and methodology for scaling your influence without a big marketing budget.
I'm Thomson Dawson from The White Hot Center.  Thank you for your interest in this webcast presentation.  I'll be your host and facilitator for this 20-minute presentation. As a brand transformation advisor, I've collaborated with leaders and teams in over 150 organizations from startups to global brands helping them to have more impact and influence with higher value customers. I promise you'll come away with at least one AHA moment to help ignite your strategic and creative thinking to create a bigger future for your brand.

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